Turn the six-spindle

At F.M.I. Dussen we have access to a number of six-spindle machines including a CNC six-spindle.

Short cycle times &
high degree of automation

Because these machines perform operations at 6 positions simultaneously, they have very short cycle times and a high degree of automation, which is immediately reflected in the (lower) cost price.

We also have a 100% CNC-controlled six-spindle, a machine that combines the flexibility of a six-spindle with that of a CNC machine. For example, this machine has c-axis capabilities, which makes it possible to drill transverse holes, slots, milling, etc. within one cycle.

The materials that we process on the six-spindle are: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass.

The machines have a range from around 10 to around 46 (zkt 8. to zkt.46) ”


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For all your milling and turning work, we have various reliable machines, including CNC lathes and milling machines.


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