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Industries in which we turn and mill CNC at the highest level

Our products in many sectors

The products of F.M.I. Meantime are used in many industries. The two most important are the automotive market and the installation market. But our products are also highly regarded in other sectors.


Small and large metalwork for
the automotive market

One of the sectors in which F.M.I. Widely used in the meantime is the automotive industry. The products find their application in, among other things, air conditioning pipes for cars. You will find a number of our high-quality parts in the Volvo XC90, but also in other appealing brands and models.


The installation market is also for F.M.I. Dussen no secret

The installation market knows for F.M.I. No secrets in between. Numerous clients are now familiar with the quality we deliver. In addition to the supply to various OEM customers in the installation industry, we also offer a complete package of galvanized steel clamp and press fittings. Prices. Our press fittings are marketed at home and abroad among private label customers as well as under our own successful label ANBO-fittings.


In addition, also for
all kinds of other sectors

At F.M.I. In the meantime, parts are also produced that find their application outside the two main sectors. Naturally, these products meet the same strict quality standards that we apply for all our solutions. You will find these products in:

the hydraulic industry
high-end fire extinguishing systems

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